NIU Translations provides high quality translation services (English, Spanish and Catalan) at very low and affordable prices. If you are interested in one of our services, have a suggestion, or simply want to ask anything regarding our work and/or pricing, feel free to contact us.


We translate documents, websites, and videogames. If you're a developer, having your game translated into different languages is key to a sales success, as is for your website in case you want to reach out to more potential customers.


We can proofread any kind of file you require to be checked.

Online interpreting

Do you need to have a conversation or a videoconference with someone through the internet but don't know his/her language? You can ask for our help as interpreters.

Foreign language customer support

If you're running a website and need to provide customer support in a foreign language, we have the solution.

Aid in language-learning

Anyone who is learning a language will find it difficult at first, and might need help. We provide it for you, as well as hourly language lessons adapted to your schedule.

We at NIU firmly believe that prices should be chosen according to each person's needs and background. We will always charge a very low price for all our services, but depending on the kind of job you assign to us, we may even ask for less.

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